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Frequently asked questions by AuPairs

An AuPair is a young person between 18 and 30 years old. An AuPair must be led and childless and unmarried, as he or she travels for a certain period of time in a foreign country to live with a host family. Childcare and light housework are provided during the host family's time, during the stay.

The word Au pair, comes from the French and means translated "reciprocity". In return, an au pair receives pocket money and lives with the family free of charge and participates in the meals. The amount of the pocket money and the number of working hours are regulated according to the respective host country and its regulations. The cultural exchange on both sides, stands in the first place, in the protected family framework.

The au pair in the role of the "big sister" or the "big brother" takes over the temporal responsibility for the children of the host family. It is improved in the family and generally also attends a language course.

It provides an insight into the life of the host family and the host country and their culture, language and way of life.

In addition to everyday family life, it also learns about new customs and habits. One collects many new experiences, impressions and points of view.

The area is life tremendous and also gives it off very well in the professional future.

Would you like to explore a foreign country and get to know another culture and language better?

Do you want to gain personal experience that can be useful later in your professional life?

You enjoy working with kids?

If you have these questions with YES an AuPair stay is the right thing for you! During an AuPair stay you will know the culture and language of your host country very well. You live in your family at the same time and thus have a fixed point of contact in your host country.

On the one hand, bring along the tasks as an AuPair, but also a great responsibility. Especially in childcare. It is also important that you enjoy taking on responsibility and are not afraid of challenges. This task to mostern, is a large area for each AuPair. In our blog you can testimonials of au pairs who would like to report about their stay abroad and share their experiences with others.

The aim and basic idea of an AuPair stay is to get to know a new culture and to improve your language skills. Therefore, we do not accept registrations from au pairs who wish to take this step in their own country. In some countries it is also not allowed by the government.

You are a part of your host family and take over daily tasks within the family during this time. You are mainly responsible for childcare and take on a role as a "big daughter or son on time". This task is very responsible. Light household chores related to childcare are also part of this.

Further tasks that arise:

  • Preparing meals for the children
  • Washing, ironing and packing children's laundry
  • Clean up and keep children's rooms clean
  • Bring children to school / pick them up
  • Bringing / picking up children for leisure activities
  • play with the children, handicrafts, playground, ... 
  • Doing and learning homework with the children
  • of course also keep your own room clean / tidy
  • if necessary, other duties can also be divided among the family members. Like vacuuming or other things. It's not supposed to be your primary occupation, though. 
  • There are of course not only these duties for you to fulfill. You should also know about your rights - an au pair is not the same as a nanny, a domestic help or a care for elderly people. As an AuPair you should not be treated like an employee, but as a full family member for a certain period of time.

We are the largest au pair agency in Austria.

If you would like to come to Austria or Germany, we will charge the placement fees to your future host family. However, we only place girls and boys who really apply to us properly. Because only if we know a lot about you and our host families can we ensure that you are placed with the right family.

For our applicants from Austria and Germany, who would like to do a year abroad as an au pair, things are similar, but we charge a small lump sum for our expenses. 

More Info´s about our services:

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The application as an au pair, with us as an agency, is free of charge. For young people who would like to come to Austria or Germany, the placement is also free of charge. The agency costs are borne by the host family. As an agency, however, we require you to complete our application completely.

For young people from Austria and Germany who would like to start a year abroad as an au pair, we charge a flat rate for the application, placement with a host family, as well as support during your au pair stay. 

→ for online application

Of course, there is no 100% guarantee that you will find a suitable host family, but your Chances are with the largest AuPair agency in Austria surely the best!

Without knowing you and the host family as well as possible, we could not connect you with the right host family. The host family must also give us all the information you need so that we can suggest the right host family for you. So prepare all documents and choose our Elite Service as AuPair, that is no more effort than 30 minutes, which will be worth it for you.

Please find here the link to our price list

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Basically there is the possibility to find another host family at short notice. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a successful change to a new host family, but as Austria's largest agency we definitely have the best options. First we try to help. From time to time communication problems or misunderstandings occur, which can usually be clarified. If, despite all your efforts, it turns out that the chemistry is not right and you have used our agency service, you are definitely on the safe side. 

We are not responsible for AuPairs who have found their host family themselves. But you can still turn to us. If we can help you, we will do so, but only if you have sent us all the documents and we happen to have a suitable host family at the same time who is looking for an AuPair quickly. But unfortunately we cannot guarantee it - see above, how can I apply as an AuPair? 

At AuPair.click there is an exact application process for au pairs and a similar registration of host families. Both are therefore tested as well as possible. To the best of my knowledge and belief, as they say! 

AuPair.click - AuPairs who have used our agency service can always reach their personal contact at our agency > Julia, Iryna, Veronika or Alex on their mobile phone. Yes, we will take care of you during your entire au pair stay, as long as you don't get into debt, we are happy to be there for you!