France (France)

France (France)

  • You work a maximum of 30 hours/week
  • You have at least 1 day/week off
  • If you stay 12 months, you have 4 weeks vacation.
  • You get at least € 260- 320 pocket money/month
Requirements for AuPairs
  • You are between 17 and 30* years old
  • You don't have kids.
  • You're not married.
  • You have a basic knowledge of French. 
  • You have no French nationality.
  • You can afford the trip to the host country
  • 1. check if you have a valid passport

    2. contact your doctor and a certified translator: in order to obtain your visa and French social security, your contract must be validated by DIRECCTE. For this you need a medical certificate, which must not be older than 3 months and which proves that you are in good health. All documents for the DIRECCTE must be in French. You must have the proof of your educational level in your country (Matura, diploma, etc.) translated by a state-certified translator. You will receive a list of accredited translators at the town hall or at the court in your host family's place of residence.

    3. sign the AuPair contract and send the documents to your host family: your host family must submit the documents to the DIRECCTE to have the contract validated. First you should agree on the terms of the contract. Then sign 4 copies of the contract and send them to your host family along with other documents. These documents are required for the DIRECCTE:

    • proof of your educational status in your country
    • a medical certificate which is not more than 3 months old 
    • a copy of your passport
    • a letter of motivation (in French)

    The validation of the contract by the DIRECCTE may take some time and further documents may be required. Please ask your host family to inform you accordingly.

    4. ask your host family for the validated contract and proof of enrolment in the French course: if your contract has been validated, your host family should send you 2 copies and proof of enrolment in a French course for foreigners. You keep one copy of the contract. You need both in order to apply for your visa.

    5. apply for a visa: in order to enter France you need a "visa long séjour mention étudiant". Only with this visa you can enter France and work as an AuPair. Please contact the French Embassy in your country. The issuance of the visa may take some time. The French Embassy will give you your visa together with a validated application form for certification by the OFII (Office Français de l'Immigration et de l'Intégration). The long-term visa serves as a residence permit for one year after you have completed the formalities at the OFII.

    6. your host family should register you with the URSSAF: Within 8 days of your arrival in France, your host family must register you as a "stagiaire aide familial étranger" with the URSSAF (Unions de Recouvrement des cotisations de Sécurité Sociale et d'Allocations Familiales) responsible for them. You must also be registered with the statutory health insurance fund in order to be entitled to insurance benefits. Your host family pays the French social security contributions.

    7. register with the OFII: Within 3 months of your arrival with your host family, you should submit the application form for certification by the OFII (Office Français de l'Immigration et de l'Intégration), which you have received from the embassy, to the OFII responsible for your host family. You will then receive a subpoena from the OFII to complete the formalities for your registration (validation of the visa, medical certificate, payment of the processing fee and indication of your personal data and that of your place of residence in France). For this you need a confirmation of registration from your host family. For more information, contact the OFII.

* The maximum age may be TRIPS, but only if you are about to complete your studies. The responsible territorial unit of the DIRECCTE of your host family decides here. This varies from case to case.

If you answered "yes" to all questions - France awaits you!

If you answered one or more questions with "no", you are missing important prerequisites to go to France as an AuPair.