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Insurance tips for host families in Germany

Safety for your AuPair & a good feeling for the host family

One of the most important topics in the context of an AuPair stay is the choice of the appropriate AuPair insurance. AuPairs are usually young people who rarely need a doctor, but you always have to be on the safe side. In addition, AuPair insurance is mandatory in all host countries and a basis for visa applications and residence permits. Below you will find more detailed information and tips for Germany.

Germany (German)

In Germany, the au pair receives pocket money and is not employed. The AuPair must have health insurance with a private Au-Pair insurance during the whole stay. 

The AuPair insurance is organised by the host family and the costs are fully covered. Choose your preferred product from one of our insurance partners.

We also recommend that you choose a tariff that includes liability insurance.

AuPairs from EU countries can keep their insurance from their home country, as long as it covers medical services in Germany. This must be clarified before the start of the journey itself with the own insurance!

Host parents in Germany are obliged to take out health insurance for their AuPair. So that the au pair and the host parents are comprehensively insured in the event of damage, our individually selectable insurance packages include accident and liability insurance in addition.

We strongly recommend, also for AuPairs from the EU, the conclusion of a health insurance, because the home country insurance does not pay all benefits, such as an often expensive return transport.

Entry insurance 

The KLEMMER INTERNATIONAL - is our tip for a private AuPair - travel health insurance to bridge the gap from the arrival until the AuPair is insured by the private AuPair insurance.

→ Private AuPair insurance to bridge the gap for entry into the country

The product of Klemmer International can be cancelled daily. This means that as soon as the Au-Pair has arrived at your home, the private insurance for the whole stay is already active, then you can simply cancel the Klemmer insurance and you only have to pay for the days consumed from the start of the insurance until the day of cancellation.

Private liability insurance

Persons living with you in your household are normally included in the private liability insurance of your home or household. Contact your insurance advisor and inform him or her that your AuPair is staying with you during the AuPair's stay and should be included in the liability insurance. In the cases known to us, this was always offered free of charge by the insurance companies. If this is not possible, you can also choose the option liability insurance from the health insurance!