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Hello, my name is Peter!

Mein Name ist Peter, ich lebe mit meiner Familie am Stadtrand von Wien, wir haben 2 Kinder, einen Jungen (4) im Kindergartenalter und unsere Julia (8) geht in die Volksschule. Ich bin Bürokaufmann und meine Frau arbeitet Teilzeit im Verkauf. Wir haben lange überlegt ein Au-Pair aufzunehmen. Die Großeltern wohnen alle weiter weg, somit können wir auf ihre Unterstützung nicht zählen. Wir wollten unser Au-Pair ausschließlich über eine Agentur suchen lassen, da wir selber mit der ganzen Abwicklung keine Ahnung haben. Wir haben uns auf den Webseiten von ein paar Agenturen über die Vermittlungskosten informiert. Es hat uns eigentlich etwas geschreckt, vor allem weil die gesamten Kosten, bei Ankunft des Au-Pairs fällig sind. Die einzige Agentur die sich dabei komplett abgehoben hatte war aber

What was different with

Other agencies charge the full amount at the beginning. At there is a tariff called "SmartFlatRate". Here only charges a small
amount as a deposit and later only € 50 per month is charged as long as the AuPair is with the family. This way my costs are much lower, not all at once and we only have to pay if it fits with the au pair. If the au pair leaves us earlier for any reason, we don't have to pay this monthly price anymore. So if that is not fair!?

And how did it go so far?

Fortunately very good, because before the beginning we also had a little doubt how it will be to have another person in the household.
We have had Anastasia from Ukraine with us for 4 months. She is 24 years old, her German was not very good at the beginning, but she has learned a lot in the last 4 months. The children love her. We are very happy with her because we as parents also get along very well with her and she cooks typical dishes from her home country for the whole family from time to time. Thus, we also experience a culinary cultural exchange.

"With I feel in good hands. No matter what happened, thanks to the support of the agency, in the end everything always worked out and everyone was satisfied!
Family man & office clerk

Do you have any feedback on the AuPair program?

Yes, it is a pity that one may take up an AuPair only for max. 12 months. Unfortunately, this is provided by law. With Anastasia it fits really super, but I have already announced at that we need a successor for her from October and I am sure that something nice will happen again. By the way, from the second placement on you don't have to pay a deposit to the agency anymore. Only the monthly costs!

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